Availability and Reservations




Check-in and Check-out:

  • You can check-in at any time. Access to the rooms is from 2 pm. Before this time it is totally subject to availability.
  • Check-out is at 12 noon. Leaving the room beyond 12h is not possible.






Lugagge storage:

  • Luggage storage is free for guests staying at the hotel.
  • It is open 24 hours and accessible both on arrival and departure.




metodes de pagament

Accepted payment:

  • Visa , Mastercard , Maestro and Carte Bleue accepted
  • Cash.

Payment of the whole stay will be made in advance or at the time of check-in.





Remote payments:

  • By credit card with a signed authorization and accompanied by a copy of the identity document of the card owner's.
  • Through this website and with the code TPP17, a reservation can be made and payed at the moment with a credit card.
  • Bank transfer.



Connfirmatión de réservation:

  • Reservations without credit card are guaranteed until 18h on the day of arrival.
  • Reservations with a valid credit card are guaranteed until 8pm on the day of arrival.
  • Reservations paid are fully guaranteed without a time limit.

In any case it is very important to notify the hotel of any delay.



Polítique d'annulation::

  • Cancellations are free of charge up to 24 hours before the day of arrival. 
  • Cancellations communicated from the day before of the day of arrival will be charged for the first night.
  • If you do not show up at the hotel  you will be charged for the first night.  





  • Pets are not allowed.




  • Access to the rooms is allowed only upon registration with identification document at the reception..
  • Children under 18 must be accompanied or authorized by parents.




  • Due to security reasons, the limit of persons planned for each room can not be exceeded.
  • In case the number of passengers (including children) exceeds the number of people booked, it will be necessary to relocate in a bigger room with all the corresponding supplements depending on the availability.
  • The Hotel reserves the right to cancel reservations, with the applicable cancellation costs, of those travelers who can not or do not want to be relocated.


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