Health Proptocol

Acording the current situation of COVID 19, we have implemented the most demanding health protocols, in order to be able to offer maximum health security to our customers, to offer the greatest guarantees we maintain a rigorous control, adapting and improving current measures, if this leads to greater health security.



Protocol and training of hotel staff in sanitary measures and cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Each worker receives training on cleaning and hygiene measures, as well as instructions and personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety and the one of customers.

Reception staff, equipped with approved personal protection (PPE), have instructions on cleaning and personal hygiene before, during and after their working day. And instructions on the relationship with the client and his colleagues.

There are information panels at the reception, with measures to be followed by our customers, the reception is protected by physical elements to keep a safe distance.



Details of sanitary measures and cleaning procedures

  • Mandatory use of approved PPE.
  • Continuous cleaning of critical areas.
  • Disinfecting hydrogel.Protocol Personal Neteja
  • Temperature to customers will be taken.
  • Specific hygiene and personal safety protocol.
  • Disinfection protocol upon reception
  • Disinfection of documents.
  • Protective partitions at reception.
  • Safety signage.
  • Internal hygiene, disinfection and cleaning audit.
  • Protocol in case of infection.



Cleaning and disinfection of each room

The rooms are cleaned daily with approved biodegradable bactericidal and virucidal disinfectant products, with special emphasis on sensitive areas such as handles, telephone, remote control, bathrooms and treatment of clothes with a specific washing process and a chemical and bacteriological control method, with products approved according to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.



Detail of sanitary measures for the rooms

  • Mandatory use of approved PPE
  • Cleaning and disinfection with approved bactericides and virucides
  • Suppliers and cleaning products certified and approved ISO9001 and ISO14001.Protocol Habitacion Hotel Rambla
  • Textile treatment and disinfection.
  • Air treatment systems.
  • Internal hygiene and disinfection audits.
  • Equipment control.
  • Special cushion covers.
  • Reduction of critical materials.
  • Ozonation according to the regulations in force.


Sanitary measures and cleaning and disinfection protocol in the common areas of the hotel.

The public areas of the hotel receive a cleaning and disinfection treatment at least twice a day, with biodegradable disinfectants approved by staff trained in specific cleaning processes, equipped with individual protection measures (PPE). If it were necessary to carry out an additional cleaning for the use of the common areas, each use would involve cleaning and disinfection of the area used.

In the common areas and access, there are disinfectant hydroalcoholic gel dispensers that customers can use regularly and specifically at the entrance and exit.



Detail of common areas for sanitary measures

  • Treatment of air ducts.
  • Continuous cleaning and disinfection.Protocol Neteja Hotel Rambla
  • Disinfectant gel at the entrance
  • Preventive signs.
  • Internal hygiene and disinfection audit.
  • ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certified suppliers and cleaning products.
  • Cleaning and disinfection with approved bactericides and virucides.
  • Ozonation according to the regulations in force.



Hotel guest measures

Our clients actively participate in health measures and we need their collaboration to make them effective. During their stay, they must be rigorous in carrying out the following measures:

  • Maintain a safety distance of 2 meters from each other.
  • Recommended use of gloves and masks as well as gelsProtocol Clientes Hotel Rambla
  • Respect the waiting indications from reception
  • Temperature will be taken upon arrival and follow the staff's instructions if necessary.
  • Access to the elevators should preferably be done individually, with the exception of family units and always with masks.
  • Preferred use of the main staircase.
  • During their stay, they will be informed of the times and services subject to specific measures